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Our vision is to develop highly influential God-worshippers. We are excited to partner with you in ministry and we can’t wait to get to know you. In all areas of our ministry, we focus on developing the five following foundational values.

  1. Core – our understanding of worship
  2. Character – our conduct as worshippers of Jesus
  3. Craft – how we hone our skills to operate in our giftings with excellence
  4. Chemistry – how we engage the congregation in ministry
  5. Community – being a part of a family of people with similar interests and callings

What IF. . .

A Stunning, Inspirational Memoir that Illuminates the Issue of Fatherlessness in America.

Two people shape a child’s life: a mother and a father. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio with my mother but not my father. One big question in my life was the root of nearly all of the decisions that I made growing up – what if I had a father?

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