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Pastor Michael Dean affectionately known as “Pastor Mike” is a man radically transformed by GOD. He believes that the Body of Christ should be empowered in every aspect of life. He is armed with a special anointing to meet people right where they are-whether rich or poor, young or seasoned, educated or uneducated, businessman or ex-con, Pastor Mike is called to minister to people from all walks of life and especially to those who have never met Christ. Pastor Mike Dean is a native of Columbus, Ohio. Pastor Dean is the founding Pastor of Power City Church in Columbus, Ohio. Pastor Dean is also currently Director of the Franklin County YouthBuild program in Columbus, Ohio.Pastor Dean is currently serving as member of the Franklin County Urban Coalition. The Franklin County Urban Coalition (FCUC) Environmental Strategies are geared 

towards Adults 18-25 who live in the Near Eastside, Near West side (Franklinton, Hilltop), North side (Hilltop), and Southside areas of Greater Columbus Ohio. FCUC goal is to decrease the number of 18-25 year adults who engage in high risk alcohol use and illicit drug use through environmental strategies by creating an online and offline social media campaign that promotes a responsible lifestyle, reduces ATOD substance abuse and engage the community through various online social media platforms. With the help of the collaborative agencies, this will be accomplished by holding social media seminars, workforce development conferences and community events that promote and build capacity in professional etiquette and job skills development. Pastor Dean is the former President of the National Alumni Council (NAC), which is the governing body of the YouthBuild USA National Alumni Association. In this capacity, Pastor Mike 


provided leadership to more than 100,000 young Americans throughout United States. As former President of the NAC, Pastor Mike engaged in policy input to YouthBuild USA, advocacy, support for the National Alumni Association, support for local programs, activism and action, and self-development. Pastor Dean is a former member of the International Youth Corps (IYC) was founded by the late Coretta Scott King and carried on by her son Martin Luther King III. IYC provides opportunities for youth, from across the globe, to develop their leadership skills through non-violence training, international exchange and social entrepreneurship. A sought-after national lecturer, facilitator and youth advocate, Pastor M. Dean has conducted numerous radio and television interviews throughout the nation. One interview was on FOX Television News (Watts, CA). Pastor M. Dean spoke on the issues of union jobs and violence in low-income communities across the United States. Celebrating almost 11 years of marriage, Mike and Val are parents to five children.  He credits his mother as the source of his perseverance and sense of self-reliance.Pastor Dean is very committed to the fulfillment of his vision, which is to effect change through the love and passion of Jesus Christ.


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